About Us

Care Hub 147 Samuel St Camp Hill with Committee and backpacks
The Care Kits for Kids Qld Committee (Matilda, Sandra, Lisa, Julie & Stephanie) at the CKKQ Headquarters with Care Kit backpacks

Our five founding members, Chris Rafter, Stephanie Hinrichs, Sandra Baker, Julie French and Matilda Frijters began Care Kits for Kids Qld Inc. in Feb 2018, immediately after a similar charity they were sewing for, Project Love and Care, closed.

Our current management team since May 2022 are Julie French, Stephanie Hinrichs, Sandra Baker, Matilda Frijters and Lisa McKay.

We are all volunteers, relying solely on donations, fundraising and grants to provide our comprehensive, free Care Kits at point of need. We have assisted over 6000 Queensland children in care or crisis since 2018. Sadly, demand keeps increasing – so we keep making a difference for more and more children aged 0 and 17 every year.

We are blessed to have an active community of amazing people of all ages and from all sectors around Queensland who support us in so many ways.

Our sewing and crafting communities welcome many seniors, creating clothing, toys, bags, pencil cases, accessories, quilts and wraps for our Care Kits from donated fabrics and yarn.

We actively encourage our community to support our #waronwaste and #circular economy ethics.

We also have many generous people, organisations and businesses who support us by
* buying items we need for the Care Kits,
* donating them via their local MP’s or Councillor’s offices or Community Centres, or by
* donating financially so we can buy shortfalls. These are acknowleged on Our Partners on our Facebook Page.

Anything we can’t use is passed on to others who can use it.

We have sewing and craft groups who create clothing and other items for our Care Kits from donated fabrics and notions, supporting #waronwaste and #circulareconomy ethics.

More Reviews & Impact Stories

I was working with a family where the mother escaped significant DV. This mother had 4 girls. When I came to the place they were staying, the children had no toys, clothes, underwear etc. I was able to take a Care Kit backpack out for each of them. These girls faces lit up; they all changed into brand new clothes and were so proud to show off their backpacks. It was a glimmer of goodness in a very challenging situation.
Teegan W
Child Safety Officer Aug 2022
A young boy was removed due to physical abuse at the hands of his step mother. This child spent time in hospital and a lengthy recovery. On the day I removed the child, the family refused to let me take any clothes or belongings for him. This often occurs for our children. This meant the child came into the service centre with clothes that didn’t fit at all, no shoes, socks etc. We used one of the Care Kits provided to ensure he had clothes before going to hospital. He also was able to take this backpack to his new carers when he was discharged. He would have had nothing if it were not for the Care Kit!
Teegan W
Child Safety Officer Aug 2022
The young girl would have been around 12. She came into the service centre with nothing. Her pants didn’t fit and she kept having to pull them up. She tried to use a hair band to stop them from falling down. We were able to give her a back pack with clothes that actually fit. She wrote me a note with a flower that said ’Thank you’. I still have this on my fridge at home to remind me of why I do what I do.
Teegan W
Child Safety Officer Aug 2022
Hi, I am an emergency carer. I've recently had two kids, brother and sister 8 and 12 come stay. Your bags were THE best thing ever! They were so traumatised when they arrived but going through all the things from your org actually helped more than I can put into words. Thank you to all the people involved 🙏 ❤ keep up the great work 👍 👏
Rae C
Emergency Foster Carer 2021
The packs you provided were so thoughtfully designed with every little detail so beautifully put together. They were honestly the best ones we’ve ever received…
Name Withheld
Support Worker 2021
Special request note on an order of Care Kits:
Can we please have lots of the crochet stress balls? The kids adore them.
So do we! 😀 Thank You All!!
Dept Child Safety 2021
To have this support during such a difficult time in their lives is also so appreciated by the families. To remove the added financial burden of buying toys and basic essentials for the children is so helpful…
Name withheld
Support Worker 2021
All of our mums stated how happy and grateful they were to receive a [Care Kit] pack. Many commented with surprise on how lovely the packs were and how kind the community had been…
Name withheld
Support Worker 2021
This [Care Kit] support was invaluable to our service and without it our families would have been under added financial stress and pressure, as they begin to rebuild theirs and their children's lives.
Name withheld
Support Worker 2021
[We] struggle with providing immediate assistance to teens on their arrival. We are seeing more and more teens requiring assistance... We appreciate all of your help as it directly assists the children and young people who have no one else to assist them.
Name withheld
Child Safety Worker 2021
Your Care Kits are amazing. They have everything a child needs and nothing that they shouldn’t have.
Name withheld
Child Safety Worker 2020
We certainly value these [Care Kits] as the children treasure these.
Name withheld
Child Safety Worker 2021
I thought I would just let you know I have started teaching our Year 9s how to knit so we can make some dolls and stress balls [for the Care Kits]
Name withheld
Year 10 Coordinator 2021
Just wanted to say a massive thank you for our Care Kits! Please sincerely thank all of your volunteers! Our team [were] so very excited to be able to deliver these amazing care kits to our children and young people who are coming into care. One of our carers thought they were the ‘best idea’ and really appreciated all of the handmade items! She loved the draw-string bags with the nappies and said she would use the backpack as a nappy bag!!! Please know we are extremely appreciative of all the hard work put into helping our little people!
Name withheld
Program Manager 2020
A lovely caring group of ladies who are impacting many children’s lives. Welcoming and friendly environment.
Michelle L
Facebook Review 2019
I wish they [Care Kits for Kids Qld Inc] were around in 1997 to support me.
Jocelyn S
Facebook Review 2020
It's a wonderful group of very friendly people. I enjoy knowing that we are providing support for [children] in need and I love the challenges we are given when sewing a variety of clothing that maybe I've never sewn before.
Marietta G
Facebook Review 2019

Awards and Grants

The Care Kits for Kids Qld Inc team has been recognised through Awards, and are very grateful to be partially funded by Grants:

💜 Queensland Community Volunteering Program Impact Award: Finalist 2023

💜 CommBank Staff Foundation Grants 2021 / 2022

💜 Kedron Wavell Services Inc Community Grant 2022

💜 Lord Mayors Charitable Trust Grants (2021 / 2022)

💜  WasteSMART Community Award 2022: Highly Commended Finalist, 
Finalist in the  Outstanding WasteSMART Award, & People’s Choice WasteSMART Award (2021)

💜  Queensland Community Achievement Awards
Finalist in Bendigo Bank Community Group of the Year Award 2022
Finalist in Australia Pacific LNG Community Hero Award (2021)

💜 Lord Mayor’s Community Fund Grants (2021, 2022) 

💜  Westfield Carindale Local Heroes Award Finalist Grant (2022)  

💜 Westfund Sponsorship Grant (2021)

💜 Bonner Volunteer Awards (Community Groups) Runner-Up  (2021)

💜 Electorate Queensland Day Award (2020) from Hon Di Farmer MP, Queensland’s Minister for Child Safety, Youth and Women and Minister for Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence – Chris Rafter (President) representing the Care Kits for Kids Qld Inc. team (2022, 2020)

💜 RACQ Local Sponsorship Grant (2020)

💜 Electorate Volunteers Grant from Terri Butler MP (2020)

💜 Finalist in Waste Smart Brisbane Awards: Chris Rafter (President) representing the Care Kits for Kids Qld Inc. team (2020)

💜 Bonner Local Legend Award to Chris Rafter (President) representing the Care Kits for Kids Qld Inc. team (2020)

💜 Lord Mayor’s Community Fund Grant (2019)

The Care Kits for Kids Qld Inc founding members with Care Kit backpacks and hand-crafted toys and quilt. Photo: Eligia Sword 2021